Unbox Industries for Designer Con 2017 (Booth #1021)

Unbox Industries will be setting up shop at Booth #1021 for the coming weekend’s Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12), and brings with them a schweet selection of toy-goodness - some of which are featured here, and some perhaps unannounced but previously featured #onTOYSREVIL (*cough*) … as well their line-up of guests include David Arshawsky, GRIZLLI, Skinner, Retroband and BLACK DROVE!

Scroll thru to see what they’ll bring, and stay tuned to Instagram @unboxindustries for further updates as the days lead to November 11th!

A trio of gnarly-awesome figures from Grizlli Atom, with his “BRUTE FORCE” figures debuting at DCON - featuring 'STRUTTER' and ‘GRAVEL PIT' - seen here in exclusive “mutant marble” limited editions! From the early WIP-pulls the figure looks MASSIVE, and I am quite gagging for this, actually MUAHAHAHAAAAAAA

Brandt Peter’s ORION in GID edition … ZiQi’s Ice Cream Dino (“mint”?) colorway … “The Black Plot” animated edition action figures from the High on Fire video by @theartofskinner and @heybeautifuljerk (Sculpted by @turtlemilkstudios / previously featured) and the debut of THE NAMELESS BEAST by @johnkennmortensen, who will also be made available for online sales at store.unboxindustries.info come November 11th (GMT: 15:00PM).


And UNBOX has a message for folks interested in their LOTTERY SALES, with this mentioned on their IG, so do read and comply:
"Due to congestion problems caused by us at DCON last year, we will not be holding ticket lotteries that gather large crowds & affect the business of our neighbours. Instead, Unbox will be organising @designercon Instagram lotteries towards the end of this week.

Simply comment “ENTER” on the post to enter & purchase the item from us if you win! Winners will be notified before the show commences (items will be held for a two hour collection period from the show start).

Additional stock of IG Lottery product will also be available at the Unbox booth on a first come, first served basis.

New items and variants will be released throughout the weekend and announced via IG as they drop. All Items will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Unbox reserve the right to refuse the sale of any items to would be flippers, scalpers, speculators, rascals, miscreants & scallywags. THANK YOU!"