#2017BestNine for @toysrevil Instagram (Take One)

I've had this BESTNINE done on December 10th, 2017, and I would be very interested to see how/if these nine images remain, by year's end. I've always been fascinated with "feedback", and in lieu of verbal/commentary feedback from readers, "statistics" have become my primary source, for both evaluation and reference. Admittedly seems "cold", but hey better than the silence of the www-void, innit? LOL

"BESTNINE" is essentially an online function/census that trawls your instagram stream and showcases the top nine most "liked" images for that particular year. Just type in your desired Instagram-ID at /2017bestnine.com, and wait for it to generate an image (featured above). The thing is, you can choose to view any other IG accounts (other than your own) too, as it does not prompt for you password(s) etc.

Meanwhile here's a list featuring the actual image embeds for your reference and "Likes"! And I'd ask that you check back to this blog somewhen in early 2018, for the "definitive" #2017BestNine for the @toysrevil Instagram!

Personally, I have always felt I was "late" to Instagram. Late to embrace and use the platform - which has become an indispensable part of my daily blogging / web-publishing efforts, especially having had the opportunity to separate my own personal life (of mundane food, medical visits etc) into another IG-account.

As for "using" Instagram, I have since felt that somehow being able to embed the original artist/source for the images, and hence bringing (possible) clickbacks to the source, "excites" me! (My personal pet peeve tho: multiple hashtags that are longer than the picture description ... :p).

It was not too long when each image would struggle to garner more than three numbers in their "Likes" (the "struggle" continues LOL), much less over 1K ((*except for Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx's Easter Bunny -AWESOME!) ... but truthfully, "fulfilment" for me comes in the form / ability to be able to share my own toy-pics, taken with my own iPhone6, regardless of the number of "Likes" haha.

Nevertheless, thank you all for the support, and I hope to bring y'all MORE images worth "liking" in 2018! ENJOY!