A Decade of STGCC #onTOYSREVIL: Year 7 (2014)

WHAT-IS: "With the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con celebrating it's “10 Years” anniversary this year, TOYSREVIL takes a look back through a decade of covering this annual event on this blog … :)”
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The 2014 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con was held on September 6th to 7th, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center (ground level), with Invited Guests featuring Frank Kozik, Aaron Martin and Scott Tolleson for the "toy" aspect of the annual event (See the rest here), along with Alex Solis and Sekure D. Admission Ticket for one day cost SGD$19, while 2 Days were priced at SGD$25.

2014 saw a whole host of toy-makers/designers setting up shop, from Korea we have Hands in Factory and Twelvedot, Genesis4 from Taiwan, Fluffy House from Hong Kong. INSTINCTOY returned to STGCC with a vengeance this year, holding court with a much wider variety of goodies.

Local brands Mighty Jaxx returns with a new line-up of collectibles, while Pobber Toys helms a booth for the first time at STGCC (releasing the Firecracker Edition SYLVIAN fromGary Ham)! FLABSLAB hosted the three aforementioned toy artists and Sekure D at a massive booth, high as well showcased prototypes from Kozik before the collectibles exploded into the toy-world.

Daniel Yu and (the now defunct) PBK set- up shop, with Daniel offering up his original resins, including Detention Barracks "Yeodah" figure. Ink & Clog helmed their booth showcasing prints and custom toys.

Local and Singapore-based artists included Jerry Teo with Rex Regrets, Keh Choon Ween, Noval Hernawan and Eldred Tjie of Dredworks shared their art with the masses at Artist Alley, and provided the event with artfulness! Local publishers Books Actually released a number of comics, while Malaysia's 1000Tentacles showcased their Star Wars and Ewoks figures.

But the spirit of independent toys was brought on by the Hidden Fortress booth, who represented artists and makers from The Phillipines - including Egg Fiasco, TRIP63, Janus Design Studio, JeAA, Tawnie Tantay, Epjey Pacheco, Wetworks, and of course QUICCS, who showcased his toy-creations, which included the TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Edition collectibles (Remember #EVILKINGMACHINE?).

2014 will also be the year where I had interviewed visiting artists Aaron Martin (AKA "Woebots"), Scott Tolleson and Frank Kozik on camera, in an interview area with no sound insulation (to the manic J-Pop tunes of the buzzing convention floor), and subsequently never did return to interview anyone ever after this toycon.

Sadly, the interview recording has since become digital prisoners in my by-now-dead laptop, and unable to face the world, even with bad recorded audio.

Massive pre-event features to be had this particular year, and the result was eventful, as folks were prone to promote themselves "earlier" before the event. As the years go on, folks emailing in submissions/news tends to be a rarity, so we would be dependant on the artists promoting their own goods on their social medias, for us bloggers to be able to garner information/news. But when news gets posted late, it becomes increasingly hard to react to the news in a timely manner.

I cannot speak on behalf of other websites (who have multiple bloggers on staff), but I am limited to only "myself" to gather news and getting the news out, although luckily THIS was a decent and manageable year LOL

This was also the year where I'd done more Instagram coverage on-site (with a specific hashtag / for easier one-click-reference), than on the blog. And while it may seem much "easier" to snap & post on-site, the reality is the wifi on location ranged from dismal to horrendous.

I'd also distinctively remembered this particular year to the year where I focused a whole lot on taking snaps of my toy-scores! Yes, I indulged in myself a whole lot more than other years, post-event LOL