A Look @ Star Cars CHEWBACCA from TakaraTOMY (“Galactic Speed” Series)

Here’s a quick look @ Star Cars’ CHEWBACCA from TakaraTOMY, in a series labeled (on the box) as “Galactic Speed” (different series from Kylo Ren’s which I featured earlier), for which I had no initial intent to procure this, until I found out the 3-For1-Free offer at Play-E (Pasir Ris Shopping Center branch), when I was there to snag MORE “Kylo Ren” models (Yes, I admit I have a “thing” for Kylo vehicles now, and NO, I have NOT watched “The Last Jedi” as yet :p)

Ended up quite liking this model car, if only for the detail at the back of the truck :p

P/S: But I'll have to mention that, the models purchased from Play-E has the production boxes taped all around, hereby rendering any "value" for a "MIB item" totally moot (IF you are into such a "thing"), otherwise, they are good to go-n-collect!

Availability otherwise might be found at Toys'R'Us and departmental stores which stock these at their toys department/section (NOT counting other toy shops who might be pricing these above SG$13, due to the launch of "The Last Jedi" in Singapore), so be prepared. Also be prepared for older stock to disappear off the shelves. And if you are patient enough, perhaps they might "magically appear" after the hype for the new movie has died down :p

Happy Toy-Hunting, folks!