#toystolookoutforin2018 from INSTINCTOY (Wave 3)

As the end of 2017 is just around the corner (this time next week we'll be in 2018 already!), I'd thought to take a look at what "#toystolookoutforin2018" - with images spotted on my social media feeds (Further product information pending), and perhaps help you navigate what to look out for in the new year of toys to come! Today's post specifically focuses on Japan's INSTINCTOY (*Continued coverage #onTOYSREVIL)- and while showcased here ar a quartet of toyness, I reckon there might well be MORE to be had as 2018 rolls forth :)

A new EROSION MOLLY (a continued collaboration with Kenny Wong of Hong Kong) was showcased at Tokyo Comic Con 2017 (Dec 1-3) - which showcased movable eye-balls! This chocolate edition apparently smells "like chocolate" as well, with an expected February 2018, for Valentine's Day!

And while it might not be a "finished" image as yet but Jason Freeny is currently working on a Dissected "Muckey Anatomy" with INSTINCTOY, with a production piece to be had!

INSTINCTOY's (blog) Mascot "BOOO-MA" seen here in adorable PINK, beside the previously released (OG) BLUE. Is it "sexist" of me to say the pink color makes it look like a She-Booo-Ma? Regardless, I'd very much love to have BOTH, please, thanks!

Hiroto-san with New Kaiju Killer Prototype

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On display at TCC was also James Groman's KAIJU KILLER (first featured HERE), with the beast 3D-printed in pastel purple (a colorway whom I doubt would be the final colorway... I think? :p). This beast would be the follow-up release to James' KING KORPSE and “Snarling ver. with Skeleton Lady” Edition figures with INSTINCTOY ... but will it gain the traction and mark left behind by the wonderfully-decayed "Kong"?

Are there any new toys I should be looking out for? TAG #toysrevil on Instagram, or email me straightup at "toysreviler@gmail.com" (I'm looking for pix, not information ... yet :p)