“Inukami Nitto & Otoro” by Meow On - Collectible Inspired by “Lone Wolf & Cub”!

From Thailand-based toy designer “Meow On” comes his latest collectible figurines “Inukami Nitto” and “Otoro” - as inspired by the movie “Lone Wolf and Cub” - an adventure story of a Ronin and his small child on a baby cart, which has since seen toy-incarnations as 1/6-figures, and most memorable from was a reprint by Dark Horse comics, featuring covers illustrated by Frank Miller!

With a depth of pop+sub-culture history behind this lore, Meow On’s adapted toy-version more than steps up to the expectations! The figure set sees resin, wood and fabrics used as material-makes, with both the clothing and wooden cart all handmade. The total height of the work piece is 17cm. As importantly, the aesthetics is exceptional and embodies the unique character design in "art toys", and the craft of the clothes and accessories elevates the set, IMHO.

Meow On shares that (the clothing is in) ”…large size, so each piece is quite difficult and need more time (in making). Starting from designing, experimenting, and fabricating - many variations (had to happen) to get the perfect fit, but finally the result was satisfactory.”

inukami nitto handmade resin art toy

Posted by Meow On on Friday, November 24, 2017

The bigger sized “Inukami Nitto” is the “father”, while his son “Otoro” is utterly adorable alongside! Meow On also teases that each character will have more additional components parts that will announced on the opening pre-order day, soon!

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