"Making Fun - The Story of Funko" Documentary Premieres Jan 22, 2018

FUNKO PRESS: "From a small garage in Redmond, WA to the furthest corners of the earth, Funko's story is one that is centered around the fans and the global community that arose from their unique passion - a story that spans twenty years, full of joy, ambition, adversity, and...well...toys.

The Eddie Grace film crew spent two years traveling to dozens of locations around the globe, from Vietnam to NYC, Philippines to Everett, WA, to meet and document the unique and diverse individuals who have shaped the story of Funko. Come for the toys, stay for the people!"

The World Premiere of "Making Fun - The Story of Funko" is on January 22nd 2018 at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. And while the premiere is "invitation only", but Funko is giving away a trip to Hollywood!
"For your chance to be selected, you just need to make a 30 second video clip telling us why YOU deserve to go to Hollywood! E-mail a link to your video (already hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to videos@funko.com by 8:00am PT on January 2nd, 2018. One winner (plus a guest) will receive a round-trip flight, two nights in a hotel, and tickets to the world premiere! The winner will be contacted directly and announced by January 8th." (funko.com)
For more details on Funko's official documentary, check out the special website: www.makingfunthemovie.com.

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Having consistently read comments in the past (on my social media feeds) like; "They are not designer toys!" (Never said they were LOL), and that their existence has since caused the "downfall of art toys", I would be curious/interested to see if Funko ever address their "place" in the toy-world (in the docu).

On one hand I cannot deny folks' hatred of the design aesthetics of Funko Pops! (everyone's entitled to their own opinions), but on the other side of the spectrum, the availability, economics and choices of Pops! perhaps helps folks get into the hobby, at the very least start folks off with the "idea" that it is "okay to buy toys" (for themselves), and eventual acceptance of "toys" as something more than "just for kids", or even a curious "investment for adult enthusiasts".

I have personally seen friends who used to not bat an eyelid for toys before, since gloriously gourged on Pop!s, and have now progressed to so-called "designer toys"!

My personal Funko Pop!s collection is pretty mild, with some pieces not necessarily the best of makes (sometimes the quality is horrendeous) and serviceable paint-apps for most, but the thing for me is: I don't need for them to be "investment worthy", and it affords me a chance to collect my fav media-related character figures without breaking the bank - and that works fine for me :)

Enjoy Your Toys, folks!