SPHYNX “Maneki Neko” Edition by SomeStrangeThings

Marcos Lorenzo AKA SomeStrangeThings shares with us toynews of his latest release: “SPHYNX”! His own “Maneki Neko” (“Fortune Cat”) version, a very very badass cat full of tattoos, piercings, studs and other stuff at the most typical SomeStrangeThing’s style, and it looks glorious!
"SPHYNX is the best company a punk goth girl can have: always ready to eat stupid souls with it’s big fangs and diabolic tongue; always visible in the dark with its red fire eyes; always free of blood spots and so with it’s metallic matte paint; and of course plenty of accessories like it’s ouiha pointer, perfet to talk with other people. But warning: don’t feed it before midnight."

[ More images uploaded on Facebook ]

SPHYNX is a limited series of 30 units, with this homemade handcrafted resin collectible sized 150mm / 5.9 inches high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic / metal) studs and spikes.

Priced at 150€, SPHYNX is currently listed and available online at the SomeStrangeThings Store (Deliveries are planned during Spring 2018).