STAR WARS ON LEATHER by The Super Sucklord Available Now!

(FYI: All above show pieces have since been Sold Out)

"What I really love about the vintage Star Wars figures is their simplicity. Comprised of minimalist color palettes and softs lines, their enduring ubiquity make them some of the most familiar shapes in all pop culture. It’s a satisfying creative exercise to explore these toys as objects, removed from the context of story, and appreciate them as abstractions." shared The Super Sucklord about his chosen subject matter, now synonymous with his toy-history of his "bootlegged" creations through the years, which has since been in the forefront of the sub-genre/culture of "appropriation" in the independent toy culture, IMHO. If ever "The Toys That Made Us" progresses into further seasons and episodes delving into said culture, I'd better see Morgan Philips front-n-center in the documentary!

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He next adds about his latest release "STAR WARS ON LEATHER"; "In this series ... I have paired the figures with swatches of real leather, playing off of their color and texture; hopefully creating a visually satisfying series that is free of narrative constraints and instead appeals to pure visual aesthetics. These pieces are very affordable and will look great on your wall. Get one or two for yourself at SUPERSUCKSTORE.COM and experience a new way to enjoy this enduring line of classic toys."

(These pieces are still available to purchase, at time of this blogpost)
STAR WARS ON LEATHER: "One Well-Played-With Vintage Star Wars Action Figure (mounted and) backed by a swatch of real Leather Mounted on 1/2" piece of plywood. Approx 6" x 4" with hardware attached to back for easy wall hanging. One-of-a-kind piece created and signed by famous Pop Artist, THE SUPER SUCKLORD. "