"Flesh" Colorway SOFUBI-MAN now on pre-order on maxtoyco.com

Since my earlier feature on Max Toy Co's SOFUBI-MAN, general public pre-orders has since opened for the 6-inch tall vinyl/sofubi figure now on www.maxtoyco.com, each priced at US$34.00! Do note that this particular release color is NOT limited, and may re-release it in the future.
"This first version is cast in Flesh (Fresh) soft vinyl (sofubi), and he stands about 6 inches tall, with articulation at the neck. He's holding an iron mold, which is used to cast the figures. Sofubi-man, is my homage to the men and women who cast soft vinyl in Japan. As many of you may (or not) know, I've had a life long love affair with soft vinyl kaiju since 1973. But, it wasn't till much later that I found out more about the actual process of making and casting these types of toys. The last few years I've had a goal to make a Sofubi-man out of Sofubi ! Sofubi-man is magically sculpted by Cristina Ravenna, with Max Toy coordination by Yo Miyamoto and of course expertly cast in Tokyo by real Sofubi-men"