Kidrobot's THE WILD ONES Dunny Series for Feb 9th Release

Releasing Friday, February 9th at 10:00AM MST online at is Kidrobot's first Dunny drop of 2018, with THE WILD ONES! featuring 3" Dunny designed by Kronk, Squink, Igor Ventura, Spankystokes, Josh Divine, Sharon Park, Johnny Draco and Linda Panda - some images of which has been revealed online thus far! (Scroll down to see).

Do check in with your fav retailer(s) as well for pricing and availability :)

In tandem with the online release is a physical event to be held at Lowbrow Denver (@ 38 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203) 6-8pm MST, with Kidrobot in-house designers Sharon Park, Johnny Draco and Josh Divine in attendance. Find out more & RSVP via this events' Facebook Page

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A post shared by Chris Booker (@squink) on

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Chris Booker AKA SQUINK! is also getting his KONO THE YETI (seen above as a 3-inch Dunny) getting the "8-inch Dunny"-treatment! Congrats! And I wonder of John Stokes AKA SpankyStokes's STROLL (Teased below is one of TWO x 3" Dunny Editions - Congrats!) would be made a 8-inch one too? Would be hella awesome to have, to "intimidate" the rest of the collection LOL