Riandi Sumadinata's #toptentoysof2017 On TOYSREVIL

"Yeah! Now is 2018! Wuhhuy!!! So many good things happen in past year, thanks to you 2017!. For the start of a new year, I think it’s nice if I look back and share my top 10 toys of 2017. FYI, I rarely to buy a toys, even I want it so bad, lol. But, most of toys that I’ve got last year was a gift for an toy custom show or exhibition, and I’m happy with that, hahaha.. So, my top list is based on my experiences that I’ve done last year. Last but not the least, I hope 2018 will be better than 2017, yes! For us absolutely :)." (Riandi Sumadinata - Instagram @sumadinata / Instagram @so.toy / #onTOYSREVIL)

#10 – Despicable Me 3 and Adventure Time Series HAPPY MEAL TOYS from McDonalds

RIANDI: "Hahaha. Yeah! If you want to eat while fulfill your inner soul, just buy happy meal! That’s what I thought. Hehehe. It can be played while you’re eating with friends or girlfriend, it never disappointing you :) and the quality is also good!

Although it’s not a lot that I’ve got in 2017, but I got an interesting story with these toys, Hungry at 2AM with my friend and my ‘couple’ things with my girl. Yeah that’s part who made this toys valuable to me."

#9 – THE KONFORMATOR from Scumbag Mutant x Uncanny (@si_dimski x @uncannybdg)

RIANDI: "This is one of a few toys that I have bought in 2017, it’s the collaborative toys from toy designer ‘Scumbag Mutant’ @si_dimski x Band/Musician @uncannybdg who inspired by ‘workers’, I think.. hahha, but the special things bout this toys isn’t just the visual and the story things, so many surprises included, there are, T-Shirt, Sticker Pack, Uncanny album CD and secret song in the toy’s briefcase! Wow that’s a lot bro! From this toys I realized how ‘surprise effect’ work to people."

#8 – HANXXO by Scumbag Mutant (@si_dimski)

RIANDI: "Another toy from Scumbag Mutant, he was gave it to me to become part of his exhibition last year. It’s a great ‘kaiju’ style toy, great articulation and ‘rubbery’ resin material. So amazing! It was first time that I know there is any kind of resin like this. Hahha.. the story is about the monster from another planet who try so hard to being ‘exist’ and being a superhero on earth, it was so hard coz of his ‘scary’ appearance.

For the exhibition, I made the HANXXO become the thing like ‘Shadowmoon’, a kamen rider black villain. That’s about ‘a super cool villain, who also lost his existence coz of worlds coolness growth’, it’s named ‘ShadowEDmoon’. Yeah, that’s just my imagination, hahaha. Thx a lot @si_dimski for the chance!"

#7 – GRABBIT – RED GLOSS FINISH (Diamond Comics Exclusive) by Play Imaginative x TOUMA (@toumart)

RIANDI: "One of a miracle in the middle of 2017, Hahha.. 8” GRABBIT from Japanese toy artist TOUMA! It’s a great piece! Clean, Big, Great articulation, Removable Shoe and I loved it so much especially his signature smile!. I got this piece when go to one of ‘urban indie shop’ in my hometown @loubelleshop who had a ‘toys sale’, their great price can’t hold me to not to buy this piece. From a long time I want one of his work! And 2017 was granted my wish.. hohooho."

#6 – POLAR from @karamba_art

RIANDI: "Yeah! Another gift from collective artist movement @karamba_art!, POLAR, an cute toy who took an image of a polar bear, I think, with his/her spirit hood made this toy is even greater. For me, It’s not so hard to customize, but his/her fix hand is hard to paint. Hahaha. But I liked it very much bro!

I got this when attended an designer toy event in Jakarta in early 2017. It’s first time I met them all. They’re so kind, very talented and we talk a lot of things bout the toy!, respect them so much!"

#5 – WAARAA by @karamba_art

RIANDI: "On our first meeting, they gave me 2 toys, they’re POLAR and WAARAA. Then, in the middle of 2017, they made an event on their hometown, Semarang, Indonesia. It named WAARAA, Art Toy Custom Exhibitions. Yeah and this is WAARAA, a toy who representing one of mythical creature from Indonesia, it’s like a dragon I think. Hehhe.

It was a great blank toy, so many part of their body who can made me think wilder. Lol! Yeah and finally I customize it and become a motorcycle rider. Hahha. Yeah! Thank you for invited me to the event! That’s so cool!"

#4 – LITTLEVILSION by @er_misa

RIANDI: "Yups, one creation from a toy artist/writer/illustrator/painter from Bandung, Indonesia. Ermisa. His toy is about evilness of an audio visual media or television who brainwashing the child with their content. Yeah, that’s what I’ve think, I’m sorry if it’s wrong. Hahha. Named Mr. EVILISION, and LITTLEVILSION is a little form of that.

He gave me the toy for his exhibition in middle of 2017, and I think it’s a great concept behind, but hard to custom it, so many sign in there, made the toy is not suitable as blank toy but perfect as a character. just my opinion. Hahha.

So that’s was my custom toy based on LITTLEVILSION, Squaremoon, the story is about Flat Earth Issue, ‘if the earth can be flat, why the moon can’t be square?’ yeah that’s it."

#3 – POWER ANGER Jr. by @iky.z

RIANDI: "Another talented artist from Bandung, Indonesia, IKY! in early 2017 he made a toy custom show event in Bandung with a character named POWER ANGER Jr.

The toy is about representation of anger, junior anger, little bit angry, as he said. Yeah because I’ve looked the another ver. of IKY toys, and it’s looked like a kingdom of anger with it’s king and troop and now with the junior.

It’s a great simple toy, customable, and the form is representing their story so much, I think. Hehehe. And for the event I made the toy became ‘ANGERCHILL’, it’s about ‘that’s okay if we’re angry, but stay chill’. Hahha that’s what I think."

#2 – MUNNY (Orange Color) from @kidrobot

RIANDI: "It’s not just a simple customable MUNNY, I like it so much, but this MUNNY is more.

I’ve got this MUNNY in OZZO when it was on China Square Central, Singapore. With $20 left on my pocket and haven’t eat that day. Hahaha. I came to OZZO when I talked to @toyrevil at an exhibition, early 2017. He told me about the best designer toy store in the town, ‘if you liked designer toy so much, you must go there’, he said.

Then I went to China Square Central and met @mikeozzo, before I bought the MUNNY, we talk about many things, but I can’t speak English so well so I can’t ask him more than I can. Hahha :’(.

But the best thing about this MUNNY is my memorable object about people who dedicated to the things called ‘toys’. So this orange MUNNY for me are @toyrevil and @mikeozzo, Respect!"

#1 – Ordinary Baby Toy

RIANDI: "By her visuals, this toy is just an ordinary toy that can be bought at Indonesian traditional market. But the story behind the toys is the best for me.

In early 2017, I was invited to be a line up for an art toy exhibition in Singapore. And I must send my work on the end of January. The theme is about a restoration things or make a toy became more valuable that it does. I don’t know what must I send or made, then in one of Sunday morning, I tell to my mother that I’ve invited for an exhibition, what the theme and just talking, hoped to get an inspiration, but it’s not , hahha. And after that she went to the traditional market.

When my mother came back home, she gave me this Ordinary Baby Toy that she bought at Traditional Market, and said ‘nih mainannya’, or in English is ‘here’s the toy’. First time when I got the toy, I just think, ‘What must I do with the toy?’ so for 2 weeks, I write the story like I used to, made it more valuable, and done. For me, it’s not so good creation but yeah, I just send it, haha… after that I also went to Singapore.

When attending the exhibition, I realized something bigger than the process when i made an artwork from this Baby Toy. That’s about a support or willingness that my family (especially mom) gave to this person who want to have a life in his dream. Although this person is not always gave his best, haha. Thank you for supporting me until now, Love you.."