SUPER FESTIVAL 76 (Jan 7, 2018)

The 76th Edition of the annual SUPER FESTIVAL (www) in Japan launched Sunday January 7th, featuring a slew of sofubi makes, a whole lot of which TOYSREVIL is unfortunately unfamiliar with, but for a few coverage featuring Blackbook Toy, T9G + Shoko Nakasawa + Mai Nagamoto, Unbox Industries and South Korea's Rato Kim.

Featured here are snaps of what else is on offer, which you can still snag before the door closes at 4pm.

I truly appreciate smaller-scaled shows such as these (compared to mega conventions) - featuring "independent" artists - an event who has gained the ability to sustain 76 editions thus far, and look forward to a day where Singapore could perhaps introduce a one-day event such as this, without the frills (AKA "non-toys") that come along with once-a-year-mega events such as STGCC. Of course the crowds and purchasing support have to be able to sustain such a situation LOL ... aaaah I am just choosing to be "naive" here, to avoid thinking about the "profitability" that most folks would consider about, before even thinking of offering a event such as this here, innit? LOL

(Pics via @superfestival)