"YUMYUM for everyone: happiness - spreading street art" from Jingjo

Jingjo - a street and graffiti Artist based in Thailand (Instagram @jingjo_bkk / Facebook) - shares with us his current project, and what he intends to do for the folks in Thailand with his art;
"I created a smiling, happy character named “YUMYUM”. Standing at 4.5 centimeters, YUMYUM is a hybrid between a seal and a scottish fold - combining the main characteristics of each. YUMYUM comes with his friend, Plakaphong - usually canned fish is a cat’s favorite meal, but in YUMYUM’s world, Plakaphong is his best pal and they go everywhere together."

"I intend to randomly place 100 YUMYUMs around BKK, to encourage not only for photography but also, whoever sees them can take them home. I want YUMYUM to light up your stressful days just like when you got a new toy when you were a kid. This kind of street art is about creating art pieces that interact with and change the mood of passersby. Instead of keeping him at home where only I can look at him, I want to share YUMYUM with Bangkokians, to make everyone smile." - shared Jingjio.
"However, this public art cannot come to life without your support; that’s why I created this crowdfunding campaign here on asiola.co.th (*Page is in Thai, so remember to click on "ENG" to top-right of page on menu bar) - to invite everyone to be a part of this happiness sharing. I’ve created lots of reward packages and whichever you choose, I will produce one YUMYUM engraved your name and distribute it somewhere in the city after the campaign ends. So, you’ll get your reward and also send a smile - (a YUMYUM smile) - to someone in BKK. Let’s spread smiles and happiness all around!" - added Jingjio.