Announcing the Lex Yeti Deco Contest & OG Lex Yeti Preorder from DexDexignLab x Martian Toys

"Attention all designers , artists , customizers , toy assassins or whatever you call yourself , if you buy at least one blank resin you’re eligible to enter our Flat and Not So Dumb Lex Yeti Deco Contest! "

1) Paint your Lexi Yeti Blank
2) Post on Instagram
2A) tag both @martian_toys & @dexdexignlab
2B) hashtag #flatnotsodumblexyeti
3) IF preorder reaches vinyl funding level, a winner will
be chosen as one of the deco variants as full production.

4) you may include a vector art file , but your custom
resin will be converted for you otherwise.

5) Funding Level Status will be monitored by graph here.

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WHO-IS: "Lexington Snowflake III, or Lex for his friends, is a fun-loving reckless #yeti. He’s mischievous, always planning some prank to play on other yetis; he’s very protective of his friends and has a heart of gold full of warm & fuzzy feelings."

PRODUCT PRESS: "Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again… Yetis Season 3 isn’t over! Lex Yeti by DexDexignLab is available for preorder. You can preorder a blank resin Lex for $40 or fully painted OG color Lex Yeti by DexDesignLab for $85. Lex comes with articulating arms, a red fabric scarf and a tree club accessory. Lex Yeti stands ~ 6 1/2” tall. In addition there are 3 special custom tier levels by three of the best artists in the scene today— Jon Paul Kaiser, Squink and Igor Ventura. Please note the special edition customs won’t be available until there’s a full spring thaw (estimated delivery Late Q2).

This is not your average bear (or yeti) preorder it’s also a Martian Toys test pilot program - MartianStarter, a kickstarter without Kickstarter! What does this mean? If a certain amount of preorders are purchased by March 4th, Martian Toys will kick this up to a full vinyl production. Each order will receive 2 vinyls instead of 1 resin in the event this happens along with a special pin and patch to say thank you for being an initial Lex Yeti collector."
(Pre-order here).

(Cheers for the headsup, Aaron)