#IAmBoard - A Custom Skate Deck Art Show at #Toyconuk2018

David Stevenson sends word that he is planning to host a custom skate deck art show called "I Am Board" (love the name lol) at this year's ToyCon UK, and shares with us a press release and event image. I'd recommend you stay connected to his Instagram @davidstevensonart for any further teasers and updates!

EVENT PRESS: "This is a group art show on skateboard decks. The show brings together a wide selection of artists including many artists exhibiting their 3d work at this and past toyconuk events.

All decks will be for sale throughout the weekend and also online once toyconuk opens its doors.

Some of those taking part include: MP Gautheron / Secured / Rx7even / Mike Strick / David Stevenson / Kerry Dyer / Jaykblu / I break toys / Tailored Curiosities / Muffin Man / Blue Frog / Ume Toys / MaloApril / Airborne Mark / Uncle Absinthe / Fiona Stevenson / Czee / Dangit / Verity Filipow / Tomodachiisland / Bianca Ansems / Rachael Hayes.

I am board - group art show
when: April 7-8th
where: hosted at the David Stevenson booth at this years Toyconuk, York hall, Bethnal green (tickets for Toyconuk available now at: www.toyconuk.com)."