Artist Mix Series: Molly (Harley Quinn Disguise) by Kenny Wong x Hot Toys @ Shanghai Toy Show 2018

And while we've previously been treated to a sole ad image, Kenny Wong's "Molly (Harley Quinn Disguise)" for Hot Toys' Artist Mix Series saw a public reveal+display at the recent Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (April 5-7)!

Artist Kenny Wong was in attendance, and as well pre-orders were opened for Molly, do you might want to check in with your usual sources for availability (No pricing info at this time, alas).

This 9-inch tall non-articulated statuette has a release date of an approx. 3rd to 4th quarter 2018, and will be available "only in selected markets".

Nice to see a strong presence and representation at the Hot Toys' booth, and in my mind the "select markets" mentioned might well cater more to "South-east Asia" markets (purely speculation on my end, of course :p).

"Molly is embodying a confident, independent, and courageous everygirl who has become the signature creation of Kenny Wong, the graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong.

This Artist Mix Figure stands approximately 23cm tall and specially features the adorable girl character “Molly” dressing in Harley Quinn’s iconic black and red jumpsuit sitting on the Jack-in-the-box with a mallet. Kennyswork’s distinctive art style has been combined to a great effect with the movie character’s design and brings a truly unique art style!"

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