Customs for PLUSHFORM 10th Anniversary Custom Exhibit @ Rotofugi Gallery (April 14-May 6, 2018)

Featured above is a slideshow glance at the custom-Plushforms for the "Plushform 10th Anniversary Custom Exhibit" launched at Rotofugi Gallery on April 14th, and exhibiting thru May 6th - featuring art on over 40 artists on the DIY-plush figure, celebrating a decade of its existence!

TOYSREVIL is nigh familiar with the only ever PLUSH-DIY figure (with the last reported group custom show in 2011, no less!).

Folks can currently head on to to view and purchase the individual one-of-a-kind pieces, and as well here are a few of my favs:

Featuring works by 64 Colors, Abe Lincoln Jr., Andrew Bell, AntBen, Baldur, Blake Jones, Brain Killer, Brian Morris, Dan Goodsell, Don Mega Art, Elloo, Glass Cuisine, Horrible Adorables, J. Byrnes, James Demski, Jay Ryan, JC Rivera, Jeremy Tinder, Jim Bradshaw, Joe Somers, Joey D., Jose Garibaldi, Junk Yard, Keith Herzik, Little Friends of Printmaking, Mac Blackout, Mark Nagata, Mary Ruth Butterworth, Matthew Hoffman, Max Nagata, Michael Slack, Mosher, Mr. Walters, Muteon, Nick & Lindsay DiFabbio, Revise CMW, Rob Syers, Sean One, Shawnimal, Sonic Visual Graphics, Squeak Starzula, Steff Bomb, Steve Seeley, SubUrban Warrior, TMoney and Travis Lampe.

As part of the celebrations, purchase on specifically for the DIY Plushform (priced here at US$9.95) will get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING til the end of the exhibition on May 6th, 2018!

"What is a Plushform, you ask? Plushform, based on Shawnimals' iconic Wee Ninja shape and produced by Chicago-based Squibbles Ink, is the first and only 100% customizable DIY plush toy. Every Plushform is made with a special coating that keeps it soft and allows you to mark on it with all of your favorite art supplies. You can start making your own creation as soon as you take it out of it's package. Plushform works great with markers, pencils and pens, brush and spray paints. It's also super easy to add things to Plushfom by sewing, glueing or other appliqué methods."