DAYP (*Do As You Please*) @ myplasticheart (Opened April 27)

Thanks to these schweet-snaps spotted on @peterkato, we have a headsup about a group customs/artshow opened at myplasticheart in New York City, titled "DAYP" (aka "Do As You Please"), as curated by Stickymonger.

Scroll thru for some snaps (some culled from IG hashtag #dayp), and check out the online listing of what you can purchase from the show here.

"DAYP" exhibits thru May 25th, 2018.

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My first ever curating show, ‘DAYP’ will be on view tomorrow!! The reception is 7-10pm at @myplasticheart !!! You don’t want to miss these great master pieces from all stars!! This show will be up until May 25th!!! . . Big Shout out all the Participating Artists.!! Andrea Kang @harlow_bear Benjamin Constantine @plumpe_ostere Cute Brute @thecutebrute Fluffy House @fluffyhouse00 Geesubay @geesubay Jillian Evelyn @Jillian_evelyn Joanne Hsieh @missychiao Kelly Denato @nopunchbacks Kristen Liu-Wong @kliuwong Lilkool @lilkool Natasha Lillipore @lillipore Nathan Jurevicius @nathanjurevicius ONEQ @negiyakisoba Peter Chan @pixelpchan Peter kato @peterkato Quiccs @Quiccs Seulgie @_seulgie_ Soeymilk @soeymilk Stickymonger @stickymonger Taezoo Park @digitalbeing Takano Eimi @eimitakano Jungyun kim @vagab Yu Maeda @_yu_maeda_ and Shoutout to @myplasticheart for this amazing chance!! 🍄 . See ya all at opening night on 27th!! . #stickymonger #DAYP #myplasticheart

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