RAY 1/6 (The Flash inspired cosplay) from J.T Studio - Pre-orders Begin April 18

WHAT/WHO: RAY 1/6th from J.T Studio
WHEN/WHERE: Pre-order begins April 18 (11:59pm Taiwan) @ www.jtstudio.com.tw
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: Limited to 399 pieces Worldwide / US$230 per
(Free Shipping for pre-order).

REMARKS: Last seen on display at STS2018, this 1/6th-scaled articulated action figure features a dope design interpretation of THE FLASH in the imitable aesthetics of J.T Studio. Figure includes LED illuminated eyes (requires 2 AG1 batteries, not included), and will be available to ship from Q3,2018.

BACKSTORY (Unedited): "Ray & Derek is a professional Boomerang player. In order to stand on the international stage and continue practice hard, on the day of achievement awards, because of the endless news pages of super heroes saving the world, they are ignored by the world. In order to get attention, Angey and jealous Let them decide to cosplay to be super heroes to do bad things. At this time their dream has been swallowed by Night M....." (Source)
SEEN @ STS2018:

Ray + Derek by J.T Studio

UPDATED: The first 100 customers who buy the 2PACK will have two extra POW shirts. THis offer valid for purchases via the online shop only. 2PACK includes 1 x Derek + 1 x Ray and is priced at US$450 (price includes shipping cost).