DEEP POWDER BRAMBLE MK2 R1 in 1/6 from ThreeA Toys Drops May 14th - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Deep Powder Release from 2008!

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ThreeA Toys solicits the upcoming online release of the DEEP POWDER BRAMBLE MK2 R1 dropping May 14th exclusively via! The "bd news" (or "good news" - depending on which side of the 3AA membership you are :p) is that this is a "3AA Exclusive" (AKA you need to be a member to purchase). Time to check in with your toy-dealers for (possible) availability, folks!

Passport Sticker
Parallel Killmate Shotgun x1
Twin Pistols x2
Dual Arm Plated Shields x2
Engine Pack x1
Fabric Pouches x4

(Original Instagram slideshow)

This 1/6th-scaled robot-beast stands approx 14-inches tall and features 40+ Points of Articulation for US$320 (Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier).

"Deep Powder Bramble" was one of the first WWR bots 3A Toys offered back in 2008, and this current release celebrates it's "10th Anniversary"! I certainly remember my "Deep Powder" from back in the day, but reckon this'll be schweet for folks who missed out a decade back :)

THIS latest incarnation has since "outgrown" its gaitling gun, and now wields a shotgun primary, and spots fancy new arm-gauntlets!

3A-PRESS: “The Bramble Mk2 is the OG big bot; first released in 2008 and long sold out, the iconic and rotund Deep Powder Bramble Mk2 carved a new path in what designer toys could be. 40+ points of articulation, stylized heavy paint weathering and detailing, and a shelf presence like no other – it's impossible not to fall in love.

10 years on, we're paying tribute and offering 3AA members a chance to own a piece of WWR history with the Deep Powder MK2 R1! The DP R1 play a crucial role as first line of defense in the Deep Powder Corps. The R1 is a single engine unit built for agility and speed which features crucial upgrades to the Bramble's armor with plated dual blast shields located on each arm and a choice selection of weaponry for distance and close-quarters combat.”