"REYENO SR." Soft Vinyl Toy by Kyle Harper

Kyle Harper AKA @kill666art sends word of his latest soft vinyl release, scheduled for a pre-order release the coming Friday May 18th (at 6pm pacific standard time) via his online shop, THEN having an official release on June 8th (at 6pm pacific standard time).

The name of the figure toy (images featured here) is "Reyeno Sr.", with this "Slime Green" run of 100pcs, each priced at US$60.00. Kyle had worked with GUMS Production for this release. This cycloptic mutated-rhino-creation is sized 6 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches ... I suggest you make a friend of him, and not look at him "funny"!

STORY: "Far from here, in a place where the universe and the nothing meet lives a species of creature formally known as Rhinoculus Bipedalus. These unique creatures are responsible for the expansion of the universe not by some divine motive but in the act of sheer survival.

These creatures peer through the edge of beyond and gain nourishment from it. Eating with their one large predominant eye they slowly make their way into the unknown leaving behind the planets, stars and all solid objects which emerge from their massive posterior."
BONUS: Initial "Test Pull" Image (hands for size :p)