A Closer Look at "CANNABIS WORKS 2 ('CW2')" by Tatsuyuki Tanaka

WHAT-IS: "CANNABIS WORKS 2 (“CW2”) is Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s second art collection, and first in 13 years. Tanaka, also works under the name of CANNABIS, is a sought-after Japanese animator and illustrator, who worked for the legendary animation AKIRA. CW2 collects much of his work from 2003 to 2016, and showcases his recent illustrations for books, magazines and record covers, as well as key art for the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015. In addition to those works, it features weapon designs for a Japanese movie GANTZ, character designs for a short film A FAREWELL TO WEAPONS; from Katsuhiro Otomo's film collection SHORT PEACE, and other illustrations for TV animations and video games. Unpublished illustrations and sketches are also included, such as a 22-page silent manga called VISITOR, which is created exclusively for CW2." (Text Description)

And while I'd photographed & filmed this back in 2016, it had sit in my KIV folders since, waiting for a chance for me to extol the amazingness of his art, which I never could muster the necessary word-smithing skills to accurately convey my adoration ... and now? I should jolly well just SHOW you the artwork illustrations of Tatsuyuki Tanaka, from his 2016 artbook "Cannabis Works 2" - which I had purchased from Basheer in Singapore (and you can procure online here on Amazon).

What I enjoyed from this art book are the variety of imagery - from dioramic post-apocalyptic splendour, to concept drawings, to sequential panels, and of course pinup art - some of whom are featured here in this humble post today!

Folks might be familiar with his illustration style, particularly seen in the “Toujin Kit” segment in Studio 4°C's 2008 "Genius Party Beyond" anthology of short animated films (a sequel to "Genius Party" released 2007), which is completely featured below, for your viewing pleasures.

Check out more of Tatsuyuki Tanaka's art on mkikai.jimdo.com and his Twitter @Mkikai.