Daniel Yu Vinyl & Resin Collectibles Releases on June 22nd

Scheduled for a Friday June 22nd (11am EST/11pm Singapore time) online release via store.thedanielyu.com are a splendid collection of Lunar Beasts and Jiangshi Acolytes (vinyl figures made by Unbox Industries), and hand-painted resin Space Deities, Lunar Clerics, Jiangshi Acolytes and Retro Jiangshi from Daniel Yu!

Scroll down for closer peek at what to expect and gun for (goodies released for Thailand Toy Expo), and as well stay connected to Instagram @thedanielyu for any further updates!

Lunar tribes. 👹 This fancy bunch will also be up for sale on Friday.

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- 3" tall Lunar Cleric (resin, pink edition) at US$20.00
- 3" tall Space Deity (resin, hand-painted) at US$110.00
- 6" tall Lunar Beast (vinyl, red GID edition) at US$65.00
- 6" tall Lunar Beast (vinyl, pastel purple edition) at US$62.00

- 2 inches tall Lunar Cat head trophy (resin, hand-painted) at US$24.00

- 8.5" tall Jiangshi Acolyte (vinyl, hand painted dark edition) at US$170.00
- 8.5" tall Jiangshi Acolyte (vinyl, hand painted light edition) at US$170.00
- 8.5" tall Jiangshi Acolyte (vinyl, green GID edition) at US$95.00

- 3" tall Jiangshi Acolyte (resin, hand-painted) at US$82.00
- 3" tall Jiangshi Acolyte (resin, lavender edition) at US$22.00
- 4.5" tall Retro Jiangshi (resin, hand-painted) at US$115.00
- 4.5" tall Retro Jiangshi (resin, forest green edition) at US$32.00