JANKY Kickstarter Ends & Super Plastic Solicits Janky Series One ... and what's this about another colorway for Pete Fowler's Janky?

(Above: "RO-MU-LO 'Red Eye' SuperJanky" by El Grand Chamaco)

Moments before Super Plastic's Kickstarter had ended (and YES it has ended :p), a RED SUPERJANKY was revealed and released as an Add-On for last minute supporters ... but alas does not seem to be apart of the NEW deal since launched online here on superplastic.co for folks to order JANKY SERIES ONE post-Kickstarter!

Priced at US$10 per blind boxed pull, you are not left "toy-stranded" after all, even if you could not afford their KS!

"20 limited edition 3 inch toys by sixteen world famous artists. Each its own sealed surprise box. You never know which one you'll get till you open the box! Some are secret, some rare. Get just a few, or a full case of 24!!

Artists in the set include: McBess, Dalek, Pete Fowler, Camilla D'errico, Jake Parker, Huck Gee, Mark Gmehling, Jason Limon, Junko Mizuno, Sket One, Tado, Ricardo Carbolo, El Grand Chamaco, Joe Ledbetter, Dolly Oblong, and Bubi Au Yeung. Plus secret surprise Jankys!!

PREORDER AT A SPECIAL PRICE. Delivery before Xmas 2018!"

"Interestingly" shown is a "second" Janky-design from Pete Fowler (different from this reveal) ... is this a "chase" edition colorway?

Their FULL STORE launches July 10th @ Noon EST, so maybe there'll still be the Red SuperJanky?