The Return of the DIY 5-inch Toy2R SprayeeQ exclusive to Tenacious Toys

Tenacious Toys are bringing back a thought-to-be-extinct breed of figures: the 5-inch Toy2R SprayeeQ! Priced at US$20 per pre-orderable here, the DIY Mini Qee figure will be in a limited run of 500 units specifically+exclusively for Tenacious, and comes polybagged (no box).

Produced by Toy2R for Tenacious Toys, the figure features articulation at shoulders and neck. I have to wonder if the "other" DIY MINIQEEs will make a re-apperance? :)

TENACIOUS TOYS: "We looked around this year and realized that the 5-inch Toy2R SprayeeQ was extinct in the USA and has been for quite a long time. The SprayeeQ was a fun, simple DIY figure on the Qee platform, with a spray can head. Customizers have always LOVED working on these, and the customs always turn out stellar, but they were hard to find even back in the day when Toy2R USA was running strong.

We thought that was a shame, the fact that they were so hard to find. So we decided to bring them back!

Later this summer we will have our very own shipment of 5-inch Toy2R SprayeeQ Mini Qees in stock! PREORDER shipping Summer 2018 (more exact date available soon)."