#throwbackthursday on TOYSREVIL: #CollARTbo

In 2011, I started an illustration project on my personal Facebook account, titled "TOYSREVIL CollARTbo Series" - whereby I doodled characters facing one side (to-the-left, or to-the-right), and invited folks to draw their own characters opposite of mine - be it in conflict, or having fun together, or whatever activity that might connect both characters. CAVEATS include: Color scheme of Black, White and Red Only, and that we do not alter each other's illustration :)

The final result being a "landscape" image, where I'd photoshopped both images (yours and mine) together in a single image :)

The first cycle was tremendous fun, with THIS series of images being the result - as well reposted in full today here in this TBT post!

*Understandably everybody's art and style has changed and no doubt evolved through the years since, and may come across as "embarrassing", but I had hoped this would serve as a "mark / archive of time" instead, nd as well for folks who no longer "ply the trade" in similar cycles as they did then :)

"When Mechas Collide!"
Above is the 1st TOYSREVIL CollARTbo featuring Jay Cee (Artwork above-left)

Artwork above-left by Nanobenji (Twitter / #onTOYSREVIL)

Artwork above-left by Zakane (www / #onTOYSREVIL)

"Ninja Outclasssed"
Artwork above-left by Leonard Brizuela (brizl.myportfolio.com / Instagram / #onTOYSREVIL)

Artwork above-left from Levi Thomas (www.bylevi.com / Tumblr)
*For this particular piece, Levi drew first and I matched!

"A Friendly Exchange"
Artwork above-left from Bowo Baghaskara (www.baghaskaraworks.com / Instagram)

Artwork above-left by Justin Rudy (Instagram @almostcolossal / #onTOYSREVIL)

"Flower For Me?"
Artwork above-left by Absoluteleeme Illustrations AKA Abs Lee
(absleedesign.com / Instagram)

Artwork above-left by JC Rivera (www.jcrivera.com / Instagram / Store)

Artwork above-left from Quiche Doeser with Vilda-Saoirse (Facebook)

Artwork above-left by Leon @ www.openthetoy.com

Artwork above-left by Alan Leong of CREAMOUS (#onTOYSREVIL)

Artwork above-left from Yahid Rodriguez (#onTOYSREVIL)

Artwork above-left by Justin Rudy (Instagram @almostcolossal / #onTOYSREVIL)

"Be Friends, Don't Be Angry!"
Artwork above-left by Michael Krenzin Bugshub

"Digital vs Analog!"
Artwork above-left by MIMIC (supervillain.co / Instagram / Flickr)

This had been my way of interacting and collaborating with artists and hobbyists / fellow doodlers - a fun aspect of this sub-culture we all dwell in daily! I have always loved the idea of "anthologies" too - for either comicbooks or films/media, no doubt being a "greedy" person, I'd love to sample everything "bite-sized" and not "full meals" (*very much in the way this blog functions: with lil'nuggets of information+hype :p), and I've been trying different ways to bring my personal passions across to my online life too! That's part of the fun, innit?

I'd attempted to "reboot" the project in 2015, this time on the blog with newly drawn images to choose, with alas zero results.


Perhaps through the years, folks have grown tired of "collaborations", or perhaps they've decide not to draw "with" me, least they are "working for free without commercial gain"?

Also, the main reason why I'd not posted all of them here on this blog because, precisely that - I did not want it to feel like a "commercial" enterprise, but a personal fun time instead. Color me "naive", and I will not not deny your impression(s).

To be open, nobody has said anything to my face thus far, but the vibe has become increasing echoy as the years past, and no doubt folks do not need any "promotion" on other websites beside their own social channel(s), which again, is totally understandable (if that be the case). All I can do is lament the situation, and repost "old" images for #TBT, innit?