Watch Parts Dunnys (3rd Series) by by Dan Tanenbaum

Watch Parts Dunnys Custom Dunny Series Three by Dan Tanenbaum x Kidrobot

Watch collector turned artist, Dan Tanenbaum, has turned his obsession for vintage timepieces into an art form. Tanenbaum creates unique one-of-a-kind Dunnys by strategically affixing vintage watch parts to the vinyl figures transforming them into steampunk characters. Each piece has a different personality and takes 20-30 hours to complete. Tanenbaum puts a different spin on the vinyl figure phenomenon by transforming the soft light creations into heavy steel characters.

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Posted by Kidrobot on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Launched online (while I was sleeping), and since Sold Out (while I was sleeping) was the third collection of WATCH PARTS DUNNY from collector turned artist Dan Tanenbaum.

A line-up of OOAK custom-Dunnys in 3", 5" and 8" tall makes where unleashed on and Sold Out in 10 Minutes! Also note that all of them were available for USA Orders Only - available to ship to USA domestic mailing addresses.