Collectibles from Hebru Brantley & Zeen Chin for #PopLife @ San Diego Comic Con 2018

In addition to Ron English & SFBI Original releases previously featured, here are two more items to be had at the Pop Life Booth #4845 at this year's San Diego Comic Con (July 18-22) are from Hebru Brantley and Zeen Chin!

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RECHILD BY ZEEN CHIN X MINDstyle (Original Version) comes direct from China, with this collectible priced at US$200.00 (Made for Mature Audiences).

"It’s very rare to see a popular character that is African-American, Latino, or Asian. I wanted to create that, but in a space of high art and with some historical context." —Hebru Brantley.

FLY BOY BY HEBRU BRANTLEY x MINDstyle is a 18" tall vinyl "Fly Boy", with this limited release priced at US$350.00 per (No quantitates revealed).
"Flyboy came out of characters of color within popular culture. I hate saying “popular culture,” but it’s really popular culture. I mean you look at cartoons. You’ve got animated sponges and ducks and birds and whatever, and it’s very rare to see a popular character within any medium that is African-American, Latino, even Asian.

What I wanted to do was create that, but in a space of high art and be able to have some historical context to that character. So I looked at the Tuskegee Airmen, who were fighter pilots in World War II. They flew successful missions and they never lost a person. But at that time black folks were treated far less than equal. For me, it was important to have that historical context to a character, not to just have one for the sake of needing one or wanting one.

As far as it being a kid, it wasn’t necessarily a plan from the outset to create a childlike character; when I create, a lot of times I don’t see kids. I really don’t. I just see them as people. There’s a sense of innocence there, but there’s also a sense of all the other things we go through. What a kid might go through on a playground in certain ways might parallel what a guy goes through in a boardroom in a job day to day."
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