First Images of SHE-RA & THE PRINCESSES OF POWER by Dreamworks Animation for Netflix (& Fanart!)

And so images of (the previously announced) SHE-RA animated show by Dreamworks Animation for Netflix has hit the www, and as per the furore of the newly designed "Thundercats Roar" animation for Nickelodeon, seems folks are divided over the imagery - comparing yet again to the 1985-cartoon "adult" version, to the current more "kid/tween-friendly" approach/aesthetic - which as someone who appreciates diversity and variety, I am all for!

I personally find the visual-design not necessarily "breath-taking", AND akin to a less-sophisticated version of Dreamworks' own "Voltron: Legendary Defender" series, IMHO. I don't "hate" it... although I do not claim myself to be much of a "hardcore fan" to be up-in-arms about the re-design. What about YOU?

Not trying to stir any faux-controversies here, but I am genuinely interested to see/read folks' impressions on "change" - for fictional characters who might well outlast us all on this mortal pop-culture-plane LOL

"She-Ra And The Princesses of Power" debuts all episodes on Netflix on November 16th. Hopefully we'll be seeing some motion-images soon? At this weekend's SDCC? :)

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Here are some fanart found on Twitter!

And remember, it's titled "Princesses Of Power" :)