For Your Collectibles Purchasing Considerations at San Diego Comic Con 2018 (AKA My #toywishlist)

Further to my earlier "Booth Snaps" post, I'd thought I could see what exactly folks have on sale at this year's San Diego Comic Con, and frankly do not see a whole out promoted nor showed-off, BUT for these exceptional pieces I would dearly LURVE to bring home to the TOYSREVIL HQ, mind you!

For your purchasing considerations:

SDCC Exclusive Transformers - Super Cyborg Optimus Prime 12" Figure with removable chest plate (Clear) can be had at US$75 each, available at the Super7 Booth 4945 - will've DEFINITELY be in my toy-scorelist, IF I was there in SDCC! (Read more of the product HERE).

Picked up this box set from #sfbi 🙌 #sdcc2018 #vinyl #BeDifferent

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This "SFBI ORIGINALS SAN DIEGO EVENT BOX" sure looks hella tempting, and a swell intro-into the #PopLife of art toys! Available at a "Special SDCC Price" of US$100 (A value of over US $200 / Find out more HERE), to be had at the Pop Life Booth #4845.

This HONEY BEAR Edition Possessed figure from Luke Chueh x Munky King Toys is looking all kindsa yummy! This 9-inch tall vinyl collectible makes its toy-debut at Munky King Toys Booth 4851, and will also be made available subsequently online (Time TBD). No price revealed online.

WOOT BEAR Goodies: Master UAMOU Mini (Return of the Resin Master), Hyperactive Monkey Ninja and Woot Ninja to be had at the Hyperactive Monkey Booth #5640 (Read details HERE)!

"Ultracubs" (by Hyperactive Monkey x Obssessed Panda x Macsorro) at US$100 per, and "Shao Lu The Strong Mini-Figure Jade Edition" at US$50 per, to be had at the Hyperactive Monkey Booth #5640.

I would not have hesitated to score one or four of the comic con exclusive “Fruit Salad” editions of Thimblestump Hollow series 2 from Chris Ryniak x Amanda Spayd! Although I have to say I've not always had luck with blind boxes" ... Available at Cardboard Spaceship Booth 5638 (Read more HERE).

Kidrobot is teaming up with Sanrio to bring you 2.5″ Hello Kitty Plush Burger Charms, to serve you cute kitty realness with a side of fries. The plush charms come in a plush container featuring Hello Kitty herself, with removable “fries” that are so adorable, you wouldn’t want to eat them anyway. Who’s ready to meet and greet with Hello Kitty @kidrobot tomorrow??? #sdcc #thewalkingdead #sdcc2018 #exclusive #sandiego #sandiegocomiccon #sandiegocomiccon2018 #comiccon #comiccon2018 #exclusives #shopping #comicconinternational #kidrobot #sanrio #hellokitty #marvelcomics #avengers #iamgroot #groot #hellokittyjunkie #gamer #thor #ironman #guardiansofthegalaxy #superhero #hellokittyfan #hellosanrio #sanriocharacters #hellokittylovers #hellokittyfriends

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I'm not going to lie, I'd probably be gawking at the Kidrobot Booths #5145 + #5144, and wondering if I "needed" to get these Kidrobot x Hello Kitty Plush Fries (US$35) ... and probably gawked for far looking than I would have eventually pulled the trigger LOL

And while I'd love to but can hardly afford most of the DKE Toys releases at Booth #5045, if I had a choice, I'd have snagged the "Resin Masters Carrying Case" - if solely for Jason Chalker's art on the cover!

Realxhead's Next Man Synth from the nu:synt and TOA Heavy Industries 1/12 Synthetic Human Test Body (SRP at US$80 per) from 1000toys available via the 3D Retro booth #5250 - who are hosting 1000toys at this event!

Phew! That was a close one! The @science_patrols BurgerCat package from Japan was being retained at the post office. Went by to rescue them before my train ride to San Diego Comic Con tomorrow. Wanted to hug the postal worker who found them in back. But I have the feeling it’s frowned upon to hug government workers. Well, they’re in tow for the signing on Sat. (3pm) At @warmachinemarketing booth # 1415. Come by if you’re there! I’ll also have Lavabears, Kaiju Frankensteins and Borises! Oh my! And I’m randomly hiding 6 Octopups inside the BurgerCats. So test your luck! You may get a cat AND a pup! #burgercatvinyl #keylimecat #sofubi #vinyl #vinyltoy #vinyltoys #hugginggovernmentworkers #lavabear #kaijufrankenstein #boristheraccoon #octopup #octopups

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Nathan Hamill's Keylimecat Edition BURGERCAT available at War Machine Marketing booth #1415 (Read HERE) each priced at US$25 ... look out for randomly placing "Octopups" inside!

Do I really need to tell you how AWESOME this Bait X Huck Gee X Robotech is? Featured above is the Regular Colorway priced at US$125 (*will be available at all 9 BAIT stores), while there is a another "Rare Bronze Alternate" sold exclusively at the BAIT SDCC Booth #5645!

That's "it", right? I'm sure I'm missing TONS of collectibles here but these are what I could find/scroll thru hashtags to find (are "hashtags" dead?) ... doesn't seem that "hard" of a SDCC this year innit? Heh.

Cheers and happy toy hunting, folks!