Plush Guts 8” Dunny Art Figure by Johnny Draco x Kidrobot

Just so you know, I think the Plush Guts 8” Dunny Art Figure by Kidrobot is a lil’slice of brill. Combining two material makes to form a quintessential modern take on a throwback aesthetic of a vintage/genre clear piece with coloured inner-guts collectible - is hella fun, IMHO.

This is not Kidrobot's first "clear-hollow-Dunny" release, with Jason Freeny's Visible Dunny (& GID Edition) popped immediately to mind. Now of they did a 20" version and filled it with colored 3" Dunnys... but Im getting ahead of myself here :p

KIDROBOT PRESS: “Designed in a post-pop style (by Johnny Draco), this #Dunny is ready to give your collection a bit of heart, brains and GUTS! Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.”

Since Sold Out at, I'd recommend you to check in with your fav retailer(s) for pricing (SRP of US$49.99) & availability.

Officially available now at! You've seen his bones, now you can see his guts! The new 8" Plush Guts Dunny is ready to give you the inside look on what a Dunny has to offer. Add a little heart to your collection today. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. #Kidrobot #Dunny #PlushGuts #vinyltoys #plush

Posted by Kidrobot on Friday, June 29, 2018