Rouge Girls in 1/6 (Kitbashes from 2003 for #throwbacktoythursday)

#TBT ... that time back when I was plying my trade actively in the local media industry (over a decade back), I had kitbashed, styled and created 4 x female characters in 1/6th scale - paralleled to their characters in a television series I was involved-in/designed-for then. This was all circa 2003/04, while the television series premiered on October 7th, 2004 on MTV Asia.

All these were done before the casting had been confirmed, and were the "ideal" styles and persona I had created - based off the script and show requirements. This had been one of the more satisfying work-journeys I have had in my "previous workalife LOL

Yes, all the figures and clothes are from my own humble collection :)

It all was serious "work", and admittedly it was not just "play" as well (#goodtimes), but a chance to connect both my #toylife and my #worklife (then). Blessed be the producers and company for indulging and trusting in my vision.

The result was a series of filmed visuals edited into the opening title of the show (which I wish I had a copy of to show off, or even screen grabs to show for, actually...), and a series of still photographs since lost to the limbo of the www (when Multiple closed shop - where I hosted all the images - I did not download the images fast enough...) including behind-the-scenes snaps of me and my pile of miniature wardrobes and female action figures in a room set aside dedicated to the shoot ... and yes, there were scaled motorbikes and a remote controlled Lamborghini used too (Heh. Yes, all mine bought using my own $$$, thanks).

Featured here is all that is left of the images, which I montaged into these low-res images ... (Also posted/uploaded on my personal 1/6-hobby Facebook Page / Instagrammed / first posted on in 2006).

"Rock musicians by day and secret agents by night" = these were the ladies I'd designed for :)