SHE-RA Princess Of Power Collectibles for Super7's "Hordak's Lair" at San Diego Comic Con (July 20-22)

Set for a release at the coming "Hordak’s Lair" pop-up event by Super7 during San Diego Comic Con 2018 - happening July 18th-19th @ @super7sandiego (701, 8th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 / 619-339-2642), here is what has been revealed thus far!

"She-Ra v.s. Hordak ReAction 2-pack" (Price & Quantity Unknown) with two figures in a single blister card featuring background art by Jason Edmiston! Would be swell if this art was released as a print too ~ just sayin'! :)

This SDCC Hordak's Lair Pop-Up Exclusive She-Ra & Hordak 3.75" ReAction Figure 2-Pack is priced at US$40 per pack.

Introducing "She-Ra and the Horde Keshi Surprise boxes"! Straight outta Etheria, these pint-sized figures will pack a punch and stick it to ya (because they come with a sticker, get it?). Sold exclusively at Hordak's Lair during SDCC, July 18th-19th. We first saw them at New York Toy Fair earlier this year :)

Priced at US$4 per blind box pull, each box contains random figure (Hordak, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Shadow, or Horde Trooper) and an exclusive foil sticker.

While "Hordak" might be more familiar with MOTU-fans & folks, "She-Ra" herself is, and has been gaining momentum in pop culture, with numerous collectibles released thru the years, and with the coming Dreamworks animation project (coming to Netflix), interest for "The Princess of Power" might well be heightened, so STAY SHARP people!