Seen @ #STGCC2018 (Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con 2019 / Sept 8-9)

Featured here are Instagrammed snaps of Day 1 at the 2018 Edition of Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con (8-9) - which you'll need to SWIPE thru the images to view! I'll share my personal thoughts and impressions of the event after the weekend, thanks :)

(Featured above is my fanboy moment when I'd chanced upon Japanese illustrator Range Murata being at his Booth, where I bought a sketchbook, got him to autograph it, and he graciously allowed me to take a selfie with him! OMGOMGOMG!)

As well I've attempted to upload individual posts features with images - including:

Daniel Yu & FuFuFanny (Booth MB33)
Fanny Kao's "Nora" (Booth MB33)
Ah Boy & TEK Toys (Booth AA47)
Blackbook Toy & Yamakichiya (Booth MB15)
Chkn Head + Evil Genius (Booth AA24)
GoodGuysNeverWin Toys (Booth AA48)
WEE Toys Gallery (Booth MB4)
LoFi Collective / Sunny and Cloudy Weathershop & Jyelloween (Booth MB12)
Handsome Studio (Booth MB13)
Toys-to-Art Showcase (Booth D30)
Precious Junkz (Booth AA14)
SAMEGO by Nebby Art (Booth AA72)
The Art of K (Booth AA40)
Tomenosuke (Booth MB31)
Rex Regrets (Booth AA55)
Ozzo Collection (Booth MB29)
Kurobokan (@ Action City Booth D07)
FOXY In Kawaii (Kong Andri Edition) (@ Action City Booth D07)
Jessica Emmett (Booth AA57)
Basri & Hernawan (Booth A37)

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