DesignerCon Mini Series Dunnys from Kidrobot Revealed!

DesignerCon revealed the "DESIGNERCON MINI SERIES" from Kidrobot featuring Dunny designs from a select group of artists who include "some #DUNNY veteran artist and some new to the platform, but the most important thing is that all these artist have being apart of Past Designer Cons plus most will be back this year as well." (@designercon). Do not forget where you came from before, and kudos for that, DesignerCon!

Featuring designs from Scott Tolleson, Paul Frank, Brandon Ragnar Johnson, Chris Lee, Flat Bonnie, Greg "Craola" Simkins, kaNO, Jerome Lu (of Hyperactive Monkey), Jon-Paul Kaiser, Deph and Chet Zar, this Dunny Mini Series will be releasing first during this year’s DesignerCon 2018 (Nov 16-18) at Kidrobot’s booth #2010.

"Shao Ru Dunny (Design by @hyperactivemonkey): "Shao Ru lives in the land of Hypertopia, home to all of the Hyperactive Monkey characters. Each color way of Shao Ru embodies all the things Jerome Lu loved the most during childhood; Kung-fu, zombies, and cyborgs. Although Shao Ru is a master of martial arts, he spends most of his time eating (that’s why he comes with his favorite veggie dumpling). He also has bandaids on his head from all the times he rolls off his bed while he is sleeping (not from fighting.)"
"DCON Vincent Dunny" (design by Scott Tolleson): "The mascot for the event itself, grab this fun little guy who is always ready for an adventure to remember DCON (or Scott <3) for the rest of the year and beyond! Viva la Vincent!"
"The Jewel Guardian" (design by Christopher Lee): "Those in the magic arts have sought the aide of the Jewel Guardian all throughout history. It protects and catalogs the universe’s most powerful, beautiful, and dangerous precious stones. It also has the ability to create completely ones when the need arises… at a price of course. The Jewel Guardian loves to play games and for seekers of the rarest of stones, he’s been known to send them on scavenger hunts that cross time and space."
"Black Magick" (design by Chet Zar): "One of his favorite personal paintings, "Black Magick" is a image Chet had imagined and then painted. Perhaps an alter ego and an anti hero, his story is one of secret and darkness."
"The Kraken" (design by JonPaulKaiser): "JPK's reoccurring nautical tale of the Whispering Corsair Sail crew translates to this DCON Dunny. Is this scene, the crew is being attacked my the legendary Kraken. It's giant tentacles towering above the ship, prepared to crash down with all their might."

And yes, there are VARIANT COLORWAYS!