Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con 2018 (Sept 8-9) @ Marina Bay Sands Expo, Singapore

The 11th Edition of "Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con" (*Dropped the "s" in "Games" this year too :p) opens its doors tomorrow Saturday morning of September 8th at 10am - at Basement 2 Halls D, E & F at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center - exhibiting daily to 8pm, until Sunday September 9th, 2018. Two days out of 365 days dedicated to OUR geekery, fhanks! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I remember the days years past when friends and folks lamented the lack of comicbook-artist(s) representation ... and this year? KABOOM! From various genres too! Kudos, ReedPOP!

Admission is priced at SG$20.50 per person per day (SG$32 for 2days), with pricing combination and tiers readable online here (I attempted to decipher the packages HERE :p).

This year's event is co-branded "STGCC x GGXP" features a partnership with Gam3.Asia and Asus, where three live gaming tournaments will take center stage at the GGXP ("Good Gaming Experience"), held in another hall separately (Entry priced separately). Check out the floorplan below;

The focus of this particular blog is collectibles and TOYS - and will continue to be my primary focus (plus artist friends).

And while the obvious "migration" of brands and toy-makers leaving the sunny (actually it had been a rainy Friday) island of Singapore for Beijing Toy Show 2018 this year - held exactly on the same weekend too - we here in SG is not left without a schweet line-up of products to help us part with our hard-earned monies - for which I have attempted to feature on TOYSREVIL thus far, as well via these select suggestions / recommended buys:

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Recommended Toy Buys at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con 2018 (Sept 8-9) at Marina Bay Sands Expo Convention Center (Halls D,E,F), #Singapore. (top-left): @deadzebrainc's "Too Much Sake" Edition #KillKat is a #Tomenosuke exclusive avail. at Booth MB 31 (150pcs worldwidie / only 50pcs will be brought to #STGCC). #NoPrice (top-right): Flesh Version #Devilman by @sutfin x @unboxindustries to be pre-sold at Booth MB 31 (100pcs worldwide). #NoPrice (bottom-left): MECHASOUL No.1 by @clog_two x @flabslab avail. at Booth MB 29 for SG$480 each. (bottom-right): Uozumi Kong #vinyltoy by #MameMoyashi x #OzzoCollection avail. at Booth MB 29 for SG$100 each (Limited to 300pcs worldwide) #STGCC2018 #onTOYSREVIL:

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And while most "prices" of items are not revealed, it would be best to bring CASH (Singapore Dollars), and I am wholly unsure if folks will be operating credit card machines, or NETS payments (local based vendors, anyways) ... totally unsure of online payments too tho ... not too sure about current ATM (*Automated teller machine) geography is at MBS, so perhaps stuff more $$$ down your socks?

But if you don't want to spend too much $$$ on geekery (*Folks, there are TONS more I have not featured in this blog, okay?), here's what else you can do at the main stage:

I will attempt my level best to Instagram from the venue (hashtagged #toysrevil2018), if not permit me to go offline on the blog over the weekend, as I emmerse myself into the event, as I had last year's LOL