"CARBINE The Gunslinger" in 1/6 (Updated Tease) from CHK DSK x Devil Toys

"Mecha Will Rise!" - The last we saw of "Carbine The Gunslinger" was a unpainted sculpted head, while "Devil XIII"" was featured in partial full form ... but today we are teasingly treated to MORE of The Philippines-based illustrator Niel Marcelino AKA CHK DSK's upcoming weapons' specialist from Devil Toys! Updates when I have them :)

STORY: "Carbine and D13 are elite soldiers from the MWR Tribe (Mecha Will Rise). Together, they co-lead and spearhead a group of fighters called ARMS (Advanced Radical Mechanical Soldiers) specifically tasked to hunt down TEQ63, Ghost of Kurosawa, Sharko and Mariko and the fearless group of The Bulletpunk Death Squadron.

MWR (Mecha Will Rise) is a tribe of human fanatics secretly worshipping the H.I.V.E., the robotic overtakers of our planet, and are devoted in eradicating the remaining human survivors in the Bulletpunk Saga. They are humans obsessed with making themselves fully robotic, and thus have pledged to join forces with the machines in exterminating humans in exchange for their synthetic transformation. Will TEQ63 and the rest of the human survivors in NEO ASIA be able to overcome the plot that these radicals have against their lives? Only time will tell."
(Story by Quiccs)