Top Ten Blogposts #onTOYSREVIL (List Dated December 4th, 2018)

Listed here today are the TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS on TOYSREVIL for the past week (as of December 4th, 2018), as recorded by Blogger Stats based on YOUR reading choices/clicks! Scroll thru for slices of news from past weekend events Culture Cartel 2018 (in Singapore) and Tokyo Comic Con 2018 (in Japan), and a mix of both toy news & entertainment news :)

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#1: TOP News this/last week was the announcement of ULTRA TOMORROW KINGS by 3A Toys for 2019, and the impending expiration of their 3AA ("3A -Associates").

#2: Garfield x The Godfather = THE CAT FATHER from Fools Paradise launched for pre-orders

#3: An animated tribute for AKIRA with セクシーバイク男 (AKA "Sexy Motorcycle Man") FTW!

#4: Hellboy: Movie Still & Lobster Johnson in 1/12th scale from 1000toys... I'm not too sure if It's the TOY or the FILM STILL getting the views here, but...

#5: While this post feature for Mighty Jaxx showcases what they'll have for Tokyo Comic Con 2018, you might also want to check out THIS POST for a closer look at the trio of Event Debuts :)

#6: Blackbook Toy launches pre-orders for Marc McKee's ROCCO3 DEVIL BEAR Special Pre-Order.

#7: INSTINCTOY for Tokyo Comic Con 2018

#8: One-Off Customized Art Figure Project Auction by INSTINCTOY @ Tokyo Comic Con 2018

#9: The Collectible Toy Universe of Daniel Yu @ Culture Cartel 2018

#10: Official Trailer & Poster for RILAKKUMA & KAORU on Netflix