ULTRA TOMORROW KINGS by 3A Toys for 2019 / The End of 3AA / A Look Back at 3AAs Reviewed on TOYSREVIL

"This coming year we’re streamlining things. Around mid-January we’ll be opening the 3A Store direct from the WO3A.com website. The 3A Store will be open to all and will include free worldwide shipping on every order.

Bambaland will remain up and accessible, but going forward all 3A releases will be available direct from WO3A.com

We will also be retiring 3AA. For one, Future Mort 13 is both a fitting end and a sign of what’s to come! And for two, the discount on top of rising shipping and manufacturing costs has made it no longer financially viable for us to continue in the current market. We are forever grateful to everyone that joined the 3AA ranks over the last decade!

3A isn’t going away, just changing, as all things do. We love our past and we love what is in store for our future! First 3A Store sale will drop in the second half of January 2019!"

– the 3A Team

As the year of 2018 draws to a close, so too have 3A Toys announced the impending ending of one of their staples since the inception of 3A Toys: "3AA" = which stands/stood for "3A-Associates" - a special "club" were members gain access to special collectibles unavailable to the general masses, and of the 15% discount off their collectibles - one of the huge aspects of me being a member for a few years too, until time came when I could no longer afford said annual-membership ... featured above is a video review I'd made back in the day, and as well linked below are my reviews to 3AA, for which I'd been a proud member from 2009 to 2013.

3AA 2009
3AA 2010
3AA 2011
3AA 2012
3AA 2013