BLOW ME by Christian Brennan x BboyBlackz release for Feb 15th Pre-order

Today we have a headsup on a new collectible to be featured on TOYSREVIL - with "BLOW ME" from Christian Brennan AKA @cbpopart (artist and designer from San Francisco, CA), featuring sculpt and paintwork by @bboyblackz (artist and sculptor from Malaysia).

Made from Resin and standing at 7-inches tall, "Blow Me" is limited to 30 units and will be opened for pre-order online via on Friday 2/15 at noon PST. (Preorder will be 3 months (or less) and hand made by Bboyblackz himself).

What would be cool is to see "Blow Up" duke it out with Squid Kid Ink's 10-DOH for supremacy of Video-Game Cartridge Battle!

TOY STORY: "Blow me has it’s roots in the futile attempt when we were kids to make the Nintendo cartridges play. Remember, “Just blowing on it and it magically working? Forget the Kool Aid spilled in it, it must be the dust in the cartridge. I had to bring this back, but with a twist and THIS cartridge has some money to make. So before you try to make him work, you may have some work to do yourself."