Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen x Munky King for May 4th Release

WHAT/WHO: Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen x Munky King
WHEN/WHERE: May 4th at 9am PST via
HOW MANY: Limited to 400pcs (Comes with signed card by artist / *not numbered*)
HOW MUCH: US$140.00

PRESS: "The SuperStar Destroyer from artist Bill McMullen (Billions) is the third episode in a trilogy of vehicular vinyl collectibles, bringing another signature interpretation of his favorite formative influences: sneakers, hip-hop and science fiction."

Expected shipping is end of May.

International retailers:
- MSX Gallery via
- Tomenosuke
- Minty Fresh

US retailers:
- Strangecat
- Discordia
- My Plastic Heart
- Tenacious Toys

With the hype of the recent teaser release for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", here's opening folks will remember the ever awesome Imperial Destroyer - one of the first spaceships ever seen in "A New Hope", and how it has somewhat spawned this 10 inches tall (with stand) vinyl collectible!

The Superstar Destroyer was first seen on display at DesignerCon 2016, where Billions McMillions shared;
"Sometimes people ask why I used two whites in the illustration and toy. I point out that that's how the #Shelltoe was - the whites of the leather and the rubber never really matched, which I love."

"Old-skool urban vinyl collectors would be familiar with Bill McMullen’s adidas-themed “AD-AT” - made with Span of Sunset and released in 2004 - which has most recently been manifested as a half-size replica, with #ADATpoint5 released at DesignerCon 2014, a decade after, and as well a sculpture installation at the THIS IS NOT A TOY show in Toronto, Canada, circa 2014 - as curated by the Design Exchange." (#onTOYSREVIL)