"1/6 Scale Hobby Corner Diorama Set" from Hank Cheng Available for pre-orders now!

My all-time favourite diorama-artist from Taiwan has since opened up pre-orders for this "1/6 Scale Hobby Corner Diorama Set", currently available online here for NT$5,500 (approx. US$174 / SG$239). Orders ending 6/20.

As listed on the sales page, the kit includes:
1. Base board
2. Plastic products
(Chairs, shoes, table lamps, hard hats, beverage bottles)
3. Instruction manual
4. Material package

I don't think it includes any miniature toy figurines tho! That's up to you to fill out the shelves with! LOL

The final build is sized W40 x D30 x H43cm, and the pictures shown are "for assembly coating reference, not finished product". Hank Cheng has always been making commissioned pieces (*Like this 1/6 MALE TOY ROOM DIORAMA I featured in 2017), and this venture into (limited) mass production is quite a treat, I dare say!

Check out the images here, and more on his Insta @cheng.hank and Facebook

"Do you remember my diorama scene of the “Otaku’s Room” that I created in February 2017? This work of mine has shocked the crowd of toy collectors and stir up the miniature crafting industry at that time. Now it is just about two years later and I am putting together a DIY package of this classic scene, and I wish everyone can enjoy building your own hobby corner scene like my “Otaku’s Room”." ~ shared Hank Cheng.
"I know we all collect miniature toys and figures. The idea of this DIY package is to build your own scene of a “hobby+crafting corner” in the miniature scale of 1:6, and then to decorate it with your own miniature collections and posing figures to interact with the surrounding inside the scene."
"Diorama scenery crafting is fun and not necessary requires professional tools and skills. Throughout my provided building guidance inside this DIY package, without hiding secretes I am open to teach and share my crafting techniques to everyone, and I hope everyone can enjoy the achievement of completing their own creation. Every diorama crafting beginner can be a master!" ~ added Hank Cheng.

(*Kit does NOT come with a 1/6th-scaled action figure!)

UPDATED With Model Instructions! To be included with kits!