GRAMPS from funnymodelclub for Oct 13 Pre-order

Introducing "GRAMPS"! Gramps is a geezer who really got into a game and toy thing like when he was a kid (and yeah he has a kid though)...

"Gramps" is a pre-painted resin collectible from Thailand's funnymodelclub (TAGGED on TOYSREVIL) that's scheduled for pre-orders on their official Facebook page on 13/10/19 (19.00PM GMT+7)! Sized 26cm tall x 11cm wide, GRAMPS will be priced at US$111.50, in an edition of 199 pieces.

"We got the inspiration for this piece from our sculptor Watchara boonpokkrong - who is a 46 year old guy who still really loves a game, anime and toys much more than anything else, so the Gramps is designed with an old type of television (in reference to "old") with a new Nintendo Switch in his hand."

The acid-neon colors are so retro-fresh, not to mention the sculpted fashion! I love that they are able to take inspiration from "real life" and interpret for "toylife", in this unique and yet recognisable aesthetic, IMHO :)

Stay connected to their socials: Insta @fmc.funnymodelclub / Insta @watcharaboonpokkrong / Sculptor's FB for more peeks into their toy-art!

(Cheers for the headsup, Banq)