UNREAL by Lauren Tsai / unreal.is.me x Medicom Toy

To say this collectible from Lauren Tsai X Medicom Toy looks epically unreal, is an understatement. A beautifully huge and complex collectible, @laurentsai shared;
"I’ve been drawing this dragon since I was a little kid. It has grown, changed colors and faces, and collected new parts over time. This character is close to my heart because it brings me back to how free my mind felt to dream when I first started drawing it. I’m thrilled to see it come to life now, I hope it can bring you the same kinds of feelings too."

UPDATED: Vinyl Pulse reports that this polystone resin collectible is produced by Medicom Toy and 3D Retro, and will be in an edition of 200pcs, each priced at US$595. A release at DesignerCon is scheduled on Sunday, December 24th.

Lauren herself will be signing at the Medicom Toy Booth on Sunday November 24th (1-3pm).

"UNREAL" actually made its first appearance at the 2018 DesignerCon (video below);

This magnificent beastie was most recently seen in her 'Friends For The End' print (below image), since Sold Out on unrealinc.com.


New Toys said…
A real cool figure. For sure unlike anything I have seen so far. Thanx a lot for sharing it.