A Closer Look at Tim Biskup x Gama-Go's DEATHBOT (Gama-Gold Edition / SDCC 2008) from Ninyoushi

Featured here are images of Gama-Go's DEATHBOT wooden-figure, as designed by Tim Biskup (based on his art / Scroll to the bottom to view), and sculpted by Dave Higgins, with box-art designed by Antony Sewell. Produced by Ningyoushi, this is the SDCC Gama-Gold edition (Limited to 400pcs), released circa San Diego Comic-Con 2008, and I have one now available online HERE priced at US$35.00 (Price excludes shipping+handling), for your purchasing considerations :)

Standing 5-inches tall, the predominantly wood-made body features internal armature (I assume) which allows articulated/bendy arms, legs and neck. Item comes complete with box (Good condition). Figure never been displayed and had remained in the box, except for take these photographs, thanks.

I have not removed the figure from its plastic-tray though, and cannot vouch for it's articulation or structural integrity though ... (FYI: The pics directly below are from my own figure, not the one for sale :p).

I adore that the packaging itself is "related" to / storied along with figure, with the window-front showcasing the character "breaking free" thru the "wall" (box cover), while the inside print would work swell as a actual backdrop/background for the figure to be displayed against, IMHO.

I personally "interactivity" in packaging, and how it can function beyond just being a receptacle to hold the collectible, and of course to tempt us collectors/customers looking at it on the toy-retail shelves!

Quite "ironic" in a way, what with the online-retailing of collectibles these days, we might not get to experience literally and physically starring at the item or box on display in front of us, IMHO ... at the very least, I personally have tons of memories of starring at toys I've not gotten ("toy-regrets", I have many...), and of pieces I snagged BECAUSE I liked seeing them (or holding them *cough*) in person ... but I'm just romanticising the toy-past, innit?

The "Deathbot" figure itself has gone thru a few incarnations/editions thru the years too, starting with Regular Edition, then there was the Suit Edition ("Deathbot in a Black Suit"), a "Deathtective", the Undertaker Edition and even a "Lederhosen" version - Released between 2007 to 2008.