KAKI by caos

"caos" (pronounced as 'childs') was created to explore and blend Singapore culture with the rest of the world into the international scene. "This is our space for imagination and creation, and we feel great making new friends along the way."

The word "caos" also has a distinct personal connection to both the principal founders of this brand, as it is the amalgam of their surnames! Even the design of the character's "eyes" is the result of not just aesthetics ... I'll let you folks ask caos themselves what it means at SGCC... :)

caos is two persons: Singapore based artist and creative designer Mark.S AKA "lefteye" (Insta @lefteye.mark), and co-founder AL (Insta @f12eak5h0w). Together they have created "KAKI" - their Merlion character in humanoid form, complete with healthy mane, and a merlion's tail!

And while we have seen multiple incarnations of "Merlion's" adapted into toys and memorabilia, THIS is the version caos has made in 3-dimensional collectible figure, in prints and apparels - all of whom can be viewed online via caos.sg.

I have had an opportunity to meet with gentlemen, and have come away with snaps to share, and perhaps even a "teaser" for their coming tenure at this weekend's Singapore Comic Con 2019 (December 7-8), via Booth TF40!

"KAKI" was borne of the desire to create a recognisable (fictional) character from Singapore, and had decided to adapt the "Merlion" into humanoid form, and transformed from the initial urban street wear hype-beast (literally), to the current more "cartoony" and accessible incarnation, with slightly exaggerated feet sizes and chubby fingers!

The name "Kaki" itself is based on a Malay-slang for "friend" (not "wood", the actual meaning of the word), and hence in their brand description "...we feel great making new friends along the way."

And in the versions of KAKI we see here, the character has "cosplayed"/paid homage to his favourite pop culture characters, and will also be available as cut-out character stickers and prints.

One of my first questions to Mark, was "How Old Was Kaki?". We see the character and assume either a "teenager" or a "full-grown adult", and the answer was as delightful, as the crossover concept that will be greeting folks at SGCC! But I am getting ahead of myself here ...

In their journey of toy-creation, caos has had three sizes of KAKI released: 4-inches, 8-inches and 6-inches tall. From 3D Printed SLA Resin to 3D Printed PLA, all of these had been produced within a span of a year, with caos "officially" founded in April 2019. And we are poised to greet KAKI in VINYL "soon", alas missing the timeline for SGCC. All fab things come to those who wait, I say!

Featured here are images of hand-painted pieces, as had been releases thus far. Folks at the recent Indonesia Comic Con were the first to see them displayed together in person, and I am honoured to be putting my hands on them!

ABOUT MARK.S "LEFTEYE":"Mark.S "Lefteye" is a Singapore based artist and creative designer. He is best known for his work which draws inspirations from Japanese manga, American comics, Hong Kong manhwas, movies, video games, TV shows, pop culture...basically everything he surrounds himself with. His work has been featured in brands, exhibitions and conventions around the world."
ABOUT "AL":"An enthusiast in DIY projects from apparels to housewares, he is often attracted to people and artworks that displays creativity, that's how he discovered Mark's unique style of illustrations and decided to create some goodness together.

He enjoys spending time doodling on paper, painting on canvas, and taking travel photos. Presently, AL is experimenting with toy molding & casting, silkscreen printing, toy spray-painting, and graphic designing."
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"KOPI" KAKI dressed in white singlet, brown shorts, slippers, and a packet of coffee in hand. With reference to how Singaporean men often dressed in the past, we hope he brings back fond memories for those who ever lived a kampong life, an experience that some of us can only imagine. "KOPI" serves as a reminder for us to appreciate what we have today, considering how Singapore has modernised through the years yet maintaining our coffeeshops, hawker centres, pasar malams and more, as important arms of our Singaporean culture. - AL • • Design & Hand-painting by @lefteye.mark Travel photos by @f12eak5h0w • • • • #caossg #traveltoy #toytravel #田子坊 #arttoy #inspirational #dreamers #branding #imagination #designertoys #customtoys #toyphoto #arttoyculture #instatoy #travelphotography #singaporean #originalbrand #kaki #kopikaki #kakigathering #coffeeshop #kopitiam #hawkercentre #singaporetoy #singaporeculture

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The "local" boy in me adored this particular "Heartland" KAKI, clad in his singlet/wifebeater and carrying a plastic bag of teh (Kopi See Kosong for me please, thanks).

As featured in an earlier post, caos will be making available to folks at SGCC two editions of KAKI: "White Heart" (above-left) and "Monochrome" (above-right) Editions of this 6-inch tall figure, limited to only 20pcs each. A online pre-order has since been Sold Out!

The painted editions shown here are not necessarily for sale ... but maybe if you asked nicely... *cough*

@lefteye.mark had done a wonderful fanart of the TOYSREVIL Mascot (whom really should have a proper "name", after existing for nearly 15 years :p), fighting alongside KAKI! And I was honoured by that.

Come SGCC, we will be debuting a new crossover concept collaboration, with further details to be revealed! Remember to keep Sunday December 8th - 4pm to 5pm free at SGCC, okay? And I'll see y'all at Booth TF40!