The Coming of ROBOAPE from Cz Blank X INCH LAB

Malaysia-based toy-makers+designer INCH LAB x Cz Blank teases their incoming "ROBOAPE", and I had a chance to man-handle the figure at the recent Singapore Comic Con 2019 (December 7-8), where it made a surprise appearance!

Featured here are in-hand-snaps (*Thanks for letting me "molest" the ape, Jang!), but in my toyxcitement, failed to showcase the articulations the figure possess, which include the shoulder-arms, "wrists", and waist.

(EDITED): "RoboApe is an independant ape from another planet that had travelled to Earth to explore and try to make new friends from other species. He looks rebellious and hyperactive but is actually a gentle and friendly giant. However he does have his own strong opinion on matters regarding "Lifestyle" and love to express his own style."

ROBOAPE is created and designed by Azry Rahim AKA Cz Blank, with the figure produced by INCH LAB. RoboApe is meant to function as a "canvas (platform) figure" which can be customised with various design prints or tattoos.

The fully-coloured figure first made an appearance at TAGCC2019 in June (Check out the interview video below), with another companion colorway to join this black+gold accented edition. I'd recommend you stay connected to both producers & artists' socials/www for updates!

INCH LAB @ Instagram / Facebook /

CZ BLANK @ Instagram / Facebook / Behance

I am personally a huge fan or bulky (+"chubby") figures, and the gorilla/ape-aesthetic has always been a lure for me - from Winson Ma's Apexplorer(s), to "Planet of The Apes" iconology, so this is a personal treat, and I am pretty hyped that they chose to go with this larger-is size, whom no doubt will dominate the other figures on the toy-shelf! But based on his back-story, he'll end up being a "friend" instead, and protect everyone else! And no, I could not keep this figure home, as much as I wanted to LOL