iNCH LAB Releases for #TAGCC2019 (June 22-23)

iNCH LAB from Malaysia will be debuting a slew of character collectibles at their Booth (A81) for this weekend's TAGCC (Toys Anime Games Comic Con) 2019 @ PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And while I featured a preview yesterday, today we take a closer look into the pieces and the designers who created them! Also note that all artists will be in attendance! On hand as well will be the just released "Odette" from Evangelione!

Now this is a MASSIVE roll-out, regardless of geography! All collectibles will greet folks for the first time in color. All of the figures on display are in 3D printed prototypes. All figures are 6 inch tall. iNCH LAB added; "Some of them will be produced into vinyl form in the near future." Unknown if they'll be for available for pre-orders, so you might have to stay connected to their socials: Instagram / Facebook for updates.

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"Tiki Daruma" by Bone Alfie is to be a 6-inch tall vinyl figure by iNCH LAB, with previous incarnations as 2-inch tall keychain-charms from the street artist. Check out the write-up below, and stay connected to his Facebook @bone.alfie / Insta @bonealfie. A potent combo of "street art" and "tribal"-vibe, and I LIKE IT!

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"DiD Hapser" (AKA "Naga Guy") by Arifin Amin (AKA "Double A") looks he walked out from an anime! How removable "dragon"-helmet is a swell fun aspect of this duo-personality character, as you can read in the write-up below. The first incarnation of "Naga Guy" was on a Anatoy custom, o display at Five Points, for Designer Toy World Cup 2019. "Naga Guy" needs a theme song! He needs an anime opening sequence!

Stay connected to his Facebook @arifin.amin.77 / Insta @aarifin_amin.

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A box of matchsticks come alive and wants to burn the world down? I can get with that! Introducing "Kaki Bakar" by Kupeh Rodriguez, with the design concept of this "Mischievous Arsonist" based on "history" too! Read up on the write-up featured below, and stay connected to this Kuala Lumpur based artist's Facebook @kupeh.rodriguez / Insta @kupeh_rod. Kaki Bahar GILA, sial!

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"Ball La" by Palee Abu is a floating ghost-like creature with multiple face expressions (a more emotive hantu, no doubt lol), and you can read more about both the toy and the artist in the write-up below. Stay connected to the artist's Facebook @paleeabu / Insta @paleeabu_official.

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"Smoke Skull" by Messy Desk Studio AKA Ah Guan is inspired by his "childhood love of Chinese martial arts, Chinese Vampire and Western zombie movies with a contemporary twist" (*Read more in the write-up below), which when I first saw the painted version of his character, I had thought was an interpretation of Marvel Comic's "Ghost Rider"! SMOKE SKULL is missing his ZOMBIE HAMDOG buddy tho...! BOTH of whom were previously available as self-produced rpre-painted resin figures too! Stay connected to his Facebook @messydeskstudio / Insta @messydeskstudio.

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"Lionbxi" by Darrel Cheong AKA Ninjamuffeen (FB @njamfn / IG @ninjamuffeen) is a lion-dance-head-wearingcharacter in streetwear often seen in his art. Find out more in the write-up below, and I cannot wait to see WHO is under the helmet! Or maybe we never will... :)

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"RoboApe" by Cz Blank (FB @czblank7 / IG @cz.blank) "is an independent ape from another planet that (had) travelled to Earth, to explore and try to make new friends from other species". RoboApe is meant to be a "custom/platform" figure and comes with interchangeable magnetic face with different expressions. Find out more in the write-up featured below.

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"Dinocor" by Orkibal (IG @orkibal / #onTOYSREVIL) is a 161mm tall character creation I had previously featured the resin sculpt on the blog, and am jazzed to see it being made a production collectible now. And while the final colorway is as yet revealed at time of this post, I will use this placeholder image instead UPDATED with images of painted prototype (Thanks, DesignToys Jang!)

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ABOUT iNCH LAB: iNCH LAB was set up in March 2018 by four enthusiastic and passionate Malaysian who love, collect and appreciate designer art collectibles. Our mission is to help many up and coming new designers or artists from all around the world, mainly from South East Asia to grow their works and expose them to many parts of the world.

iNCH LAB provides the platform for artists to transform their artistic notions into Designer Art Collectibles.

We work closely with artists starting from an Idea which we carefully Nurture it with fun and love. Their ideas will be used to Create an innovative cross between sculptures and conceptual arts. Eventually the artists will have the opportunity to see their artistic ideas Hatched out into alternative presentation of their art or design in the form of Designer Art Collectibles.

We are also ready to journey with the artists beyond Designer Art Collectibles where we hope to bring their ideas into the next level. Through licensing, we believe artists will have an expanded avenue to express their works as well as reaching more audiences.

iNCH LAB will be in charge of collaborating with artists, licensing, marketing, promoting, distributing and retailing their designer art collectibles.

UPDATED with event images by (above) and Edward Low via @MYToyHoard (Used with permission).