More Artists' "COLOURING PAGES" Available Online Now!

After my previous post-feature on "Colouring Pages" - featuring black-on-white LINE-ART by artists meant for folks to colour in, during their respective lockdowns and #StayAtHome safety features - I was pretty intrigued to find out more... here are just a select few of what I'd found:)

Javier Jiménez has made a STICKUP MONSTERS COLOURING BOOK available to download for free via! Shown here are a few pages, and you can stay connected to him via his socials: Instagram + Twitter + YouTube Channel!

The line-art of Dan Evans (@danxdraws) done for use as blister-card art by @traptoys for his MOTU x Rapper's Life appropriated resin figures, currently available to download here (with link via

FREE LINE ART from Chromacon featuring line-art from T-Wei and Yoii' downloadable here. Also check out the folder for art by Tokenin and as well papercraft from Stacy Robson.

CHROMACON is a biennial indie arts festival based in Auckland, New Zealand that had it's last event in 2019. Find out more on

So okay, this is in no way supposed to be "colouring pages", but I'm proposing them to be so, and you can check out the rest on KAWS's Insta @kaws - Just Sayin'!

Japanese artists @hikaribambi and @dan_jpartist are offering up their character creations for a "Colouring Contest", with submissions by April 30th. Check in with both Twitter handles linked for further details. (Images & info via @hikaribambi).

Eric Broers @hiericbro has collected his "skateboarding ghosts" into a series check out IG-video below of him painting one of the large format pieces in the book), and is now offering the GHOST coloring book downloadable at (*Free download with the code | 2020).

Okay, this one is uber-topical for fellow Singaporeans, after the previous Friday advent of the term "Circuit Breaker" entering our nations vocabulary, with the following series of drawings from Muhd Firman Osman (Insta @firman_eats_and_draws), which is probably not meant to be a "colouring page", but is welcomed as one!


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